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Specific Principles For Determining Whether The Mesh Bag Does Not Leak


The new plastic woven standard in my country has added a specific principle for determining whether the mesh bag does not leak. This standard is stipulated in 6.5 drop performance; the plastic mesh bag should not be broken and the packaging should not be lost. Because the material impacted from the sealing warp and weft or the suture hole during the fall, the bag will not leak after being lifted from the ground, and it is qualified.

In a broad sense, plastic mesh bag refers to a fabric of plastic filaments. In the plastic weaving industry, it refers to the use of plastic film to draw filaments and weave them into cloth. Woven cloth can be post-processed. Depending on the processing method, it can be made into tarpaulin, mesh bag, and after laminating, it can be made into various woven cloth, mesh bag, container bag, ton bag, geotextile, color stripe cloth, etc. Plastic woven products are collectively referred to as plastic woven fabrics.

Specific principles for determining whether the mesh bag does not leak

The reason for adding the judgment principle of non-leakage of packaging such as mesh bags is:

Controversy often occurs in experiments. The original standard was not accurate enough. The natural law of the drop test should be followed. When the mesh bag is dropped, the warp and weft yarns will be slightly stretched. A slight leakage of material from the seal or suture hole may occur due to the impact of the drop. Learn from foreign and international standards. Rescue food transportation bags specified in European standards, polypropylene mesh bags and bulk food polypropylene mesh bags in international standards are all judged in this way. For plastic mesh bags, we can learn from their raw materials, industries, and processing methods.

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