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  • 09-18
    Mesh bag is a kind of pocket with mesh. The types are quite wide, divided into small mesh bags and large mesh bags. Generally, plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene are used as raw materials ...
  • 09-17
    The mesh bag has good air permeability and drapability, soft texture, light, thin and transparent, smooth and elastic in hand, after high temperature shrinkage treatment, it is not easy to deform and ...
  • 09-16
    The new plastic woven standard in my country has added a specific principle for determining whether the mesh bag does not leak. This standard is stipulated in 6.5 drop performance; the plastic mesh...
  • 09-15
    The three-side seal of the mesh bag is sealed around the packaging bag. The front and back dimensions are the finished size, which has a certain sense of integrity, the design is not restricted, and...
  • 09-14
    What is the difference between the printing of net bags and the printing on paper, the specific differences are as follows:1. The printing ink is different. The net bag printing uses special plastic...
  • 09-13
    Due to product resources and price issues, my country has 6 billion mesh bags used for cement packaging every year, accounting for more than 85% of bulk cement packaging. With the development and...
  • 09-12
    With the continuous development of technology, we have strict requirements on the use of net bag wholesale manufacturers. Therefore, when we sell, we need to go through careful confirmation work. Let’...
  • 09-11
    How to deal with old mesh bags. Everything has its own life span, and of course plastic waste mesh bags are no exception. Plastic waste mesh bags will break after being used for a period of time, or...
  • 09-10
    Many products of net bag manufacturers are more popular in the market, but when we use them, we will find that they are disconnected. So what causes this?In fact, the reason why it will appear in this...
  • 09-09
    Whether there are recycled materials in the mesh bags, this question is difficult to define. In theory, the raw materials of the mesh bags should be extruded and drawn, and then recycled and used...