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Reuse And Sorting Of Mesh Bags


Due to product resources and price issues, my country has 6 billion mesh bags used for cement packaging every year, accounting for more than 85% of bulk cement packaging. With the development and application of flexible container bags, plastic woven container bags are widely used at sea. Transportation packaging industry and agricultural products. In the packaging of agricultural products, plastic mesh bags have been widely used in aquatic product packaging, poultry feed packaging, covering materials for farms, shading for crop planting, wind and hail sheds and other materials. Common products: feed mesh bags, chemical mesh bags, putty powder mesh bags, urea mesh bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit mesh bags, etc.

Plastic mesh bags produced by plastic mesh bag manufacturers generally have heat resistance, and the heat resistance of plastic mesh bags is very heavy. If the heat resistance test fails, the type inspection is unqualified. Classified by material, plastic mesh bags mainly include polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags. This material has heat resistance. The heat resistance is pretty good. Our factory mainly produces various plastic mesh bags, kraft paper mesh bags, color-printed composite mesh bags, etc., such as fertilizer bags, seed bags, feed bags, cement bags, flour bags, rice bags, high-grade composite mesh bags, etc. Eye bags.

Reuse and sorting of mesh bags

The demand for mesh bags is increasing every year. In fact, in the express industry, a large amount of mesh bags will be born in one day. Therefore, in the use of mesh bags, we should deepen the concept of environmental protection and re-use mesh bags. Manufacturers should also continue to innovate technology to reduce harm to the environment.

The reuse and sorting of mesh bags are often used for packaging fertilizers, seeds, cement, grain, salt, feed, etc. Online shopping is now more widespread, and the products produced by mesh bag manufacturers are used as mail packaging due to their light weight, strong and prosperous nature, which can play a certain role in protecting the mailed objects. With the development of technology, mesh bag products are now mainly used for the packaging of industrial products, and people use less in their daily lives. The mesh bags we have used daily can be folded conveniently for reuse next time. They are reusable packaging items that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The plastic mesh bag manufacturer especially reminds you: We should store the mesh bags in a cool and monotonous place to prevent the mesh bags from becoming obsolete due to the sun and rain. If it is a mesh bag that we have packed grains, flour and other foods, it can be cleaned and stored to prevent moth-eaten phenomena.

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