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The Work That Needs To Be Confirmed Before The Net Bag Wholesale


With the continuous development of technology, we have strict requirements on the use of net bag wholesale manufacturers. Therefore, when we sell, we need to go through careful confirmation work. Let’s take a look today.

First of all, when we use it, we must check the length of the mesh bag. This is more important, especially before consumers place an order, we must give them a detailed explanation, so as to prevent the bag from reducing unnecessary losses. The second is to weigh the net bag weight. The length of the mesh bag is very important, and the weight is more important. For Linyi mesh bags, the weight is measured. If you have higher requirements for the weight of the mesh bag, please explain to ensure the lower limit of the weight of the mesh bag. It can still be used. There is a sufficient number of net bags. Before each shipment, reconfirm the shipment quantity to avoid under-delivery or mis-delivery.

Don't underestimate these details. If they are not handled properly, they may cause serious consequences. Therefore, we must make preparations in advance.

We know that plastic has a stable structure and is not easily degraded by natural microorganisms. It takes more than 200 years for non-degradable plastic mesh bags to rot naturally. If the waste plastic garbage is not recycled, it will become a pollutant in the environment and will permanently exist and accumulate, which will cause great harm to the environment. Reduce the consumption of plastic mesh bags. At the same time, some countries have tried to shorten the time required for plastic mesh bags to degrade by improving technology to control "white pollution."

We are placing it in a more suitable environment, especially not placing it in direct sunlight, this will accelerate its aging speed, which will bring us great harm.

First of all, because the net bag has a large load-bearing capacity, under normal circumstances, the products contained in it will be very heavy. If one person cannot carry it, be sure not to drag it on the ground, because the friction between the net bag and the ground will not only make the ground When the soil enters the inside of the mesh bag, it may also cause the wire of the mesh bag to break and accelerate the damage rate of the mesh bag.

In addition, when using net bag packaging products for long-distance transportation, some moisture-proof cloth such as tarpaulin must be covered on the net bag to avoid direct sunlight and rain erosion and accelerate the aging of the product.

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