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Features Of Mesh Bags Containing Recycled Materials


Whether there are recycled materials in the mesh bags, this question is difficult to define. In theory, the raw materials of the mesh bags should be extruded and drawn, and then recycled and used should belong to the scope of recycled materials, not the recycling of waste mesh bags. However, from According to the actual production situation, it is impossible for the raw materials to be extruded and drawn without the generation of edge yarns and waste yarns. Even the automatic flat yarn unit must also crush the flat yarns and waste yarns directly to recycle, blend and reuse, so there is no such thing as nothing. For mesh bags of recycled materials, unless special-purpose woven fabrics are used, all edge silk and waste silk are collected and used separately.

Features of mesh bags containing recycled materials:

1. Other physical properties have declined.

The brittleness of the recycled material mesh bag is increased, especially the low temperature brittleness is worse. The impact resistance is reduced, the electrical insulation is reduced, the degree of aging is large and the speed is fast.

2. A method to predict whether there is recycled material in the mesh bag by the relative breaking force of the flat wire

As the recycled material increases to a certain amount, about 10%, the relative breaking force of the flat wire must be lower than the index of 0.32N/tex. Plastic woven users can check the recycled material in the mesh bag with the relative breaking force index of the flat wire.

3. The relative breaking force is obviously reduced.

If the flat yarn process is well controlled, the relative breaking force of the new material flat yarn can reach 0.36N/tex or more. If the secondary recycle is used and 10% of the edge yarn is added, the relative breaking force can only reach 0.28N/tex.

4. The elongation at break is unstable.

Depending on the amount of recycled material added, the breaking rate will decrease. If the PP recycled material is mixed with PE components, the breaking elongation may increase.

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