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Reasons For The Disconnection Of The Mesh Bag


Many products of net bag manufacturers are more popular in the market, but when we use them, we will find that they are disconnected. So what causes this?

In fact, the reason why it will appear in this kind of thread breakage is still very simple, mainly because the quality of the suture does not meet the requirements of use, and it is caused by the incorrect adjustment of the machine. In general, the lock thread is used. When sewing products with uneven thickness on the mesh bag sewing machine encounters the thread breakage, there are also sharp edges in the thread passing parts, problems with the operation method, and insufficient needle cooling, which will cause the thread to break. questionable.

When producing it, we should pay special attention to the above problems. Only by paying attention to these problems can we use it better, reduce its damage, and make it more convenient for people to use.

How to store the net bag after use?

In fact, in our real situation, the anti-aging effect will be different, especially when the hindered amine light stabilizer is added with filler, its anti-aging effect is unstable. Although the outdoor exposure test of the mesh bag is time-consuming and requires a large investment of manpower and financial resources, the obtained test data basically meets the actual use requirements and can be used for the anti-aging quality evaluation and anti-aging effect monitoring of the mesh bag.

Therefore, in order to avoid waste, we need to maintain the product. In the process of maintaining the product, we need to understand that when the plastic product is not in use, it is best not to subject it to heavy pressure and folding for storage. It should be placed separately or rolled up. Store. During the use of plastic products, avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, alcohol, gasoline, etc., so that they can maintain their flexible texture and original color for a long time. Plastic products have dirt, can be washed with cold water or warm water not exceeding 35 degrees.

If we find stains on the product, we can use detergent to clean it, and put it in a cool place at the same time, this is to prevent the product from aging.

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