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What Should I Do With Old Mesh Bags?


How to deal with old mesh bags. Everything has its own life span, and of course plastic waste mesh bags are no exception. Plastic waste mesh bags will break after being used for a period of time, or they will become corrupted and not durable when used for a long time. How should such plastic waste mesh bags be handled?

Let me take a look at the monitoring of the anti-aging effect of plastic waste mesh bags with everyone. Plastic waste net bags are composed of polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags according to the main materials; according to the sewing method, they are divided into seamed bottom bags and seamed bottom bags. At present, it is widely used as a packaging material for express packaging, fertilizer, cement, rice, chemical products and other items. To evaluate the aging resistance of plastic waste mesh bags, it can be measured by artificial accelerated aging test and outdoor exposure weather resistance test.

How to deal with net bags

Now I will mainly introduce how to deal with plastic waste mesh bags that are not badly damaged? In fact, plastic waste mesh bags are still widely used. Damaged plastic waste mesh bags can be classified according to the degree of damage, and different damages The degree of treatment is also different. For example, some plastic waste net bags that are not badly damaged can be used to transport large things such as vegetables, or they can also be used to hold some garbage and so on.

In fact, many things, even if they lose their original use value, they will still derive new use values that need people to discover.

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